A recognition parties with long standing relationships need to resolve disputes quickly and without further distraction from being productive partners in their fields of excellence.


Organizations large and small often have simmering issues which when left unchecked can lead to widespread  discontent and disputes.

To prevent this from happening it is essential that managers, employees and others have the necessary conflict management skills and systems in place.  At Solvit we will empower your team to resolve disputes before they occur by offering interactive workshops and seminars on mediation, interest based negotiation and conflict management

At Solvit Dispute Resolution, we provide Conflict Management Education services for:

  • Governments
  • Employers
  • Self-governing organizations and Regulators
  • First Nations
  • Sports Organizations
  • Insurance and Commercial Businesses

Please contact one of us at Solvit to discuss how we can help.

FAQ - Education

What is your teaching philosophy?

At Solvit we believe doing is learning and relevance is everything.  Our workshops and seminars rely extensively on skills based training and exercises to reinforce widely accepted principles and approaches to dispute resolution applied to real life situations confronting your team today.

What is your approach?

At Solvit participants are encouraged to channel their inner thespian by bringing to life issues of concern to their team through a series of role plays and peer supported discussions.  Our facilitators and coaches use demonstrations to illustrate the skills and theories widely held in dispute resolution circles and participants are encouraged to give feedback and adopt or adjust what they take and observe from the workshop to suit their particular circumstances and personalities.

What is your structure?

At Solvit we understand the time constraints facing most participants and therefore offer a series of half or full day courses staggered according to your time schedules.  We can hardly encourage our participants to be flexible and open to hearing different perspectives (a critical feature of effective dispute resolution) without offering them a similarly flexible course framework tailored to their specific needs and interests.

Is Workplace Conflict and Harassment dealt with by Solvit?

Our Solvit teachers draw from their extensive legal training and experience with employment, labour, human rights, first nations and workplace grievances to develop interest based resolution methods and approaches to train your team how to prevent, contain and effectively manage these issues.